Spring is the start of the warmer months in Australia and pests are starting to become more active. The life cycle of pests starts and will speed up over the coming months into summer.

During Spring, it’s very typical to see more ants, cockroaches and spiders around your home or business. These pests will be looking for food and shelter, often around and inside your home. They will make a home around wet areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and establish themselves in gardens and BBQ areas too.

It’s important to be aware of this activity and take steps to get these pests under control before they infest your property in high numbers, cause damage and health issues.

How do I get rid of Spring pests?

The only sure-fire way to eliminate these pests from living and breeding in these areas is to conduct a professional Spring pest control service.

This service will stop and remove the big three pests, ants, cockroaches and spiders and protect your home, family and pets during this season.

Cockroaches are well known for being unhygienic and can cause health issues for people that suffer from asthma. Some ant species can inflict a nasty bite to a victim and cause serious concerns for people who suffer from anaphylaxis allergic reactions.

How can SafeHouse Pest Control protect your home from these pests?


Before we start, we will conduct a thorough inspection of the property inside and out. This will allow us to understand the full extent of the pest problem, the types/species of pests present and formulate a treatment strategy.

Often homeowners are unaware of the full extent of the problem as when light breaks, pests will go into hiding and not be seen.

Treatment of wet areas:

Areas that contain moisture are the perfect place for pests to live. By applying specific pest control products in a safe manner, we can target pests directly.

Treatments are applied to cracks and crevices directly into the pest harbourage areas. We will also inspect bedrooms, lounge rooms, studies etc and treat as required.

Roof Voids:

Hot temperatures and darkness in roof voids also provide a home for pests. We will inspect this area and treat for pests as required.

Wall Cavities:

Our treatments to these spaces will be applied via weep holes and vents on the external wall facing. It’s common for cockroaches to use these as access points and it’s common for them to exit as the technician applies the treatment.


If your property has a subfloor area, we will inspect and treat the area too. The dark area underneath a home can be a food source for cockroaches.

External Barrier:

An external barrier treatment is a very important step in your pest control service. Setting up a barrier around the property will stop crawling insects like cockroaches and ants from entering the home or business.

In addition, we will apply treatments to well-known breeding areas such as gardens, cracks in concrete, garbage bin areas and paved areas. External walls will be treated to stop spiders from creating webs. Ant nests will be directly treated if found.

Customer Advice:

Your technician will provide you with advice on how to minimise the chance of pests returning to your home. This may include trimming tree branches close to gutters and roofs, items collecting water, stacked timber to stop mosquitoes and termites from attacking your home.

Arrange Your Spring Pest Control

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