With Christmas fast approaching, now is the time to make sure your home is pest free for your lunch and family gatherings.

Treating your home early will ensure you have a protective barrier that will stop pests accessing your home and yard area.

At this time of year, the days are warm, sometimes excessively hot in true Australian Christmas tradition, or very wet with rain. These conditions attract pests to homes looking for a safe haven and food sources.

In addition, you may have brought in a beautiful natural Christmas tree into your home as part of your decorations for the season. Pests and bugs can easily be hidden on the tree and be carried into the home unknowingly.

You might also bring out the decorations that are stored in the ceiling or shed. These too can carry pests that have made a home in the stored goods and carry them into your living area.

The team from SafeHouse Pest control know what pests are active at this time and how to get them under control so you can enjoy your celebrations with family and friends.

What pests are active at Christmas time?

There are a number of pests that are highly active at this time of the year, they include:

Cockroaches – these pests are very active during the Summer months, seeking food and shelter. They can breed quickly in the warmer months and become a large and unhealthy problem.

Ants – these pests can be seen outside and inside of a home in high numbers. They will look for food in kitchens. It’s important to seal food containers and clean benches regularly.

Mosquitoes – these pests can quickly ruin Christmas lunch outside, making for an uncomfortable experience.

Bed Bugs – these pests can attach themselves to packages as Christmas gifts and the tree. They can then access rooms and beds and cause painful bites to people. It’s important to get these pests removed quickly.

Fleas – these pests also enjoy the Summer heat and can infest a home or yard quickly, inflicting bites on people. They can also pass disease on if they land on food.

Silverfish – these pests can happily make a home in stored goods such as decorations, table cloths, napkins and Christmas Stockings. It’s important to get these pests under control before they spread into other areas of the home.

Treating for these pests before they become a problem will help reduce and eliminate them from accessing your property and ruining your day.

How long does it take for the treatment to be effective?

We recommend treating for these pests now as some elements of the treatments can take time to finalise and be effective.

Pests such as the German Cockroach species are well known to remain active after the initial treatment and can require a return treatment to get them under control.

Other pests can be under control within 24 – 48 hours once the treatment is applied. This will include a barrier treatment around the home and spot treatments in the internal areas of the home where these pests will be found, such as wet areas, kitchen, bathroom.

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