Have you started seeing what looks like flying ants or termites when you switch the lights on at home at night?

At this time of year, it’s a very common thing on the Gold Coast. Many people panic and try to swat or spray these pests with little or no success. What are these pests you’re probably asking?

They are Flying Termites or Alates

These pests are highly active during the warmer months when there is heat and rainfall. They are highly attracted to lights and have no problem accessing your home via the roof space and into the living areas via gaps, cracks and light fittings. They will then swarm under lights as long as the light is on.

Flying termites are actually blinds and poor flyers. During the summer season, they are merely looking for a mate to establish a new termite colony outside homes in tree stumps or stored wood (best to have these removed and/or treated for termites).

The good news is they are not a sign that your home will fall under attack by termites in days. However, it is a sign there may be an established colony-forming close by.

How To Stop Flying Termites

The bad news is that you can’t. You can seal up cracks and crevices on the roofline outside and under doors with a weatherstrip.

Trying to swat them, spray them will not work.

The good news about the swarm is that only a very small amount will survive inside for a matter of minutes, the rest will die off due to lack of light or other pest predators.

A quick tip is to turn on the light in the toilet or bathroom and switch off other lights. Wait a few minutes and see if they have moved into these rooms. Once they have, turn off that light and close the door. They will die off or escape.

If you are seeing what looks like hundreds or thousands of Alates around your home, now is a good time to arrange a professional termite inspection for your peace of mind.

What’s Included In A Termite Inspection?

Our qualified and timber pest licensed team will attend your property to conduct the inspection inside and outside your home.

Your technician will perform a thorough inspection, not a termite check, using technology devices that detect moisture and heat from termites together with traditional methods.

Will provide advice on reducing termites outside the home if there are old tree stumps, stored wood and stored paper products inside the home.

If any activity is found or damage by termites, we will provide you with a detailed report and recommendations to stop termites.

It is recommended that a termite inspection be done annually to monitor activity before it’s too late. In addition, most insurance companies will not cover damage caused by termites, that can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair.

Arrange A Flying Termite Inspection

If you’re experiencing these pests around your home now, contact us today to stop termites!