The Australian Spring season is the start of the pest peak season. Pests will start to breed up again and look to infest homes and businesses across the Gold Coast.

The change in weather helps pests thrive with warmer temperatures, more wet weather and humidity across the region. Pests can quickly establish themselves in high numbers, sometimes out of sight to us.

Termites are one pest that is already doing this now on the Gold Coast as we’ve seen in recent inspections. It is a priority to get these pests stopped and under control, before they inflict expensive damage to a home or business premises.

Many people are unaware that their home buildings insurance does not cover damage caused by termites. It is deemed the homeowner’s responsibility to protect the building from these pests. Repair bills to the timber structure can fall into the tens of thousands to repair.

What’s included in professional Spring Termite Inspections?

It’s recommended under Australian and Pest Industry standards that a termite inspection be done annually to ensure a property is protected against termites.

Your Timber Pest Technician will conduct a thorough inspection of the property, internally and externally using a technology device and traditional methods.

We use specialist technology including the Termatrac T31. This device detects moisture and changes in thermal temperatures behind gyprock walls. This avoids us having to cut the wall to check for termites.

In addition, we use a traditional sound device that is tapped on wood around the home including door frames, window frames. A visual inspection will be done outside on fences, tree stumps, stored timber to check for signs of activity known as mudding.

It’s important to know the difference between a termite inspection and a termite check. A termite check is not as comprehensive and will not take the time required to thoroughly inspect a home. It’s a quick visual inspection of the property. This service will not protect your home from these pests.

How long will the termite inspection take?

The termite inspection will take two (2) hours to complete and costs $230.00. Your technician will complete a thorough inspection of the property internally and externally. Once complete, they will provide you with the findings and recommendations should termites be located.

If termites are found, an initial termite treatment will be completed to stop active termites. We will recommend the installation of a chemical barrier around the perimeter of the home to stop any additional attacks by termites in the years to come. We will continually replenish the barrier by injecting chemicals back into the system.

DIY Tips To Reduce Termites Around Your Home

There are a number of steps you can take to reduce the chance of white ants around your home with these tips:

  • Remove stored and unused timber from the yard area.
  • Ensure the water drain on any air conditioner units has an extended pipe away from the unit.
  • Keep garden beds away from the outside wall of the home.
  • Check external taps for leaks.
  • Check guttering downpipes for leaks.
  • Keep stored paper products to a minimum in the home (toilet paper and reams).

Arrange Spring Termite Inspections today

If you’ve noticed termite activity, mudding around your home, now’s the time to arrange Spring Termite Inspections. Contact us today to make a booking.